Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wicked Green Wednesday: Earth Day Challenge

Holy mama! Today is Earth Day and Wicked Green Wednesday. In honor of Earth Day I'm giving myself an Earth Day Challenge. I have been thinking about this for a while and PROCRASTINATING. So, TODAY is THE day. No more procrastinating. I'm going to take an ugly walk into my TRASH. How much do I really throw away? Last week I posted the link to the Story of Stuff, and when I first watched it, it really made the wheels start turning. I do recycle a fair amount. The cans, bottles, newspaper, cardboard...but there are always those questionable items. Like the yogurt container that I don't think I can recycle in my area, or the just regular, non newspaper, paper, that my local center doesn't really have a good system for...then the food I throw. There really is no excuse for me to throw food. I live in a rural area and I could easily compost. Then there are those shameful, but honest times where you get lazy, or you're on a cleaning spree and you say, F--K it, and you toss it, because it's easy.
So, it's not going to do me or anyone any good to get angry or overwhelmed by how hard it is to recycle. It won't do me any good to feel bad about what I've already tossed. Nor should I think that change can happen overnight, right?

So, here's the CHALLENGE: *For two weeks I will track EVERYTHING that I throw away in the trash and in the recycling. *After those two weeks I will take a look at that info and make a plan of action to reduce what I throw away. *I'll start with the easy and obvious and when I get to the less convenient items I will start digging around to see where and how these items can be recycled or reused. *Then finally I will take a look at what comes into this house to determine how I can reduce what enters the house so it never becomes trash at all. REDUCE. I plan to make this about a five week challenge and I'll keep reporting. So check in. Or better yet, JOIN ME! Join me and comment on this and future postings and tell me what you've figured out.

And now for a little bit of Earth Day shopping and a couple freebies that are out there right now:


1) Looks like anyone can get a free roll of their new 100% recycled materials foil wrap!
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2) The food blog Carrot n Cake teamed up with Stonyfield Farm and you can enter to win.
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These colorful, funky drawstring wristlets are so great! They are made from tee shirt sleeves and pieces. I love the collage look to them. It reminds me of the magazine collages I used to make. Love them!
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These are my own, Upcycled Shopping Bags. The are very strong and durable. Each has both a tee shirt and usually a non-stretchy button up shirt. They are made from the unwanted items the closets of myself, my husband, friends, yardsales, thriftshops, etc.
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