Monday, April 6, 2009

Manic Monday Must Have: Coffee Cups

I know that for me coffee is a must have. Especially Monday morning. So, for this first Manic Monday Must Have how appropriate to showcase some of my favorite coffee cups on etsy. So, in no particular order, here they are!

Any of these fabulous coffee cups are worthy of the Monday morning brew! Find them and more cool items with the links below.

Burst of Color 3 Vintage Retro Coffee Mugs

Title: set of 2 vintage mugs

Title: Left Handed Mustache Mug


Title: fiesta inspired hand built porcelain yellow cup


Title: Coffee for you, me, and she


Rescued Junk by Old Crow Farm said...

Love your blog! So much fun. Thanks for including our burst of color mugs in your Manic Monday showcase. jojo

Missy said...

Hey JoJo. Thanks! It's getting there, and I have many ideas a brewing. I took a look at your blog and website, too. The friday night junk club looks fun!