Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Techie Tuesday: Integrating an Ad Checkout w/ Paypal

Welcome to the late night version of Techie Tuesday with the Bathrobe Warrior. I just added the option for all you fabulous crafters and vintage sellers to buy ad space here on this blog, and I was thinking that some of you may also be wondering how to sell ad space on your own blogs. So, I begged and pleaded with the Bathrobe Warrior, aka, my husband Jeremy to do a quick tutorial on how to do this. So, if you've been thinking about this and have gotten stuck--watch this tutorial and get un-stuck!

You will notice there are actually two tutorials here. The first shows you how to do the paypal part and then create a page on your blog to post the paypal link. The second tutorial shows you how to make your "Advertise Here" button live...linking it to the paypal page you created.

Make sure to watch this in full screen mode so that you can actually see what the Bathrobe Warrior is doing. (Do this by clicking on the icon under the tutorial that looks like a little tv.)
Also, please note that I am unaware of the exact tax rules. In the tutorial we sort skip over that...I'm not completely sure of how that works. I live in NH where there is no sales tax. You'll want to check out the regulations in your own state.

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