Monday, April 27, 2009

Manic Monday Must Have: Vintage Sunglasses

It's definitely just another Manic Monday! After this weekend we just had...the most beautiful, sunny weekend-- I think this week's MUST HAVE has to be Vintage Sunglasses. I cannot help it--I love BIG sunglasses. Probably always will. If they're not big they at least need to be dramatic. So, here are my pics this week. All found from etsy.

Go out and snag them for yourself before I do!
Clockwise from top left....
Title: Vintage TURA Italian Sunglasses with New Lenses
Find them here:

Title: vintage 80s Sunglasses blue
Find them here:

Title: Big hippie glam '70s Foster Grant sunglasses
Find them here:

Title: Fluorescent retro orange pink sunglasses vintage
Find them here:


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Missy said...

Wow! Thanks!! This is a nice surprise. I cannot await to award some other cool blogs.