Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally Freakin' Friday: Etsy Day!

TODAY IS ETSY DAY...and, Finally Freakin' Friday!!

The Etsy forums have declared today April 24, 2009 Etsy Day. So go on out there, support your local crafters! Sign up. Become a seller. Become a buyer.
Come check it out!

Come visit the varied sellers of Etsy.
Here are some of my favorites:

Make sure to tell everyone you see Happy Etsy Day and

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. We're in for temps in the 80's for the first time since last year. Woooo hooo!

(The image at the very top is from Etsy's blog, The Storque.)

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GiDu said...

Happy Etsy day to you!! Thanks for including my banner on your blog!! :-)